Urban Forestry and Urban Greening - what does it mean?

What does Urban Forestry and Urban Greening mean in our daily lives?

The future of planning and maintaining urban green spaces

Urban Forestry and social integration


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Professional Services


  • Consultancy and Planning Strategies
  • Project Management
  • Development of Planning and Maintenance Concepts for sustainable management of urban green spaces and urban tree populations
  • Master Plans for urban green spaces, tree populations and woodlands
  • Analysis of existing urban forests and woodlands
  • Tree Inventories
  • Coordination of and ooperation with different stakeholders ( e.g. residents, local council employees, professional organisations, politicians, scientists)
  • Organisation of seminars, workshops, lectures, public presentations
  • Public relations(communication and mediation of different stakeholders, personal consultation)


  • Consultancy in regard to all issues related to urban trees, urban forests and urban greening
  • Tree reports (e.g. tree health and vitality, tree safety, recommendations for suitable management strategies and arboricultural measures
  • analysis of tree's environment recommendations for improvement measures (e.g. soil analysis)
  • determination of tree preservation measures and landscape assessments for building applications
  • general tree care concepts
  • sustainable planning strategies for urban trees (e.g. tree preservation during building measures, concepts for new landscape planting, recommendations for sustainable tree care measures


Due to many years of professional experience and education in English speaking countries , and my personal affinity to foreign languages, I also offer high quality professional translations of all kind of documents within the „green“ professional field, for example Urban Forestry, Arboriculture, Landscape Planning (English to German and vice versa).

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